26 May, 2008

Killing Memes

I got tagged. Looks like two full weeks ago, too. (Sorry, Ang.)

Would you give up one of your values / morals for $1 million?

Yes. I'd say publicly that the new Indiana Jones movie is the first blockbuster hit of the year and destined to win multiple Academy Awards, especially Best Original Screenplay for David Koepp and George Lucas and Best Actress for Cate Blanchett.

Hey, if I'm going to betray a deeply held moral value, I might as well go out in style. (That and Lucas is one of the few people that could afford that kind of payola. I expect it in the mail, George. We'll do lunch.)

As for another set of tagging... Well, I don't do too well historically with my tags. So tag amongst yourselves, but use this question:

For one million dollars, would you insult, abuse, denigrate and completely humiliate a major political figure to their face and on camera? Especially one that has a reputation for vindictiveness and vengeance?