23 June, 2008

And We Are Poorer For It

Early this morning, a great mind was lost to us.

No more will he grant us his insights into the complete foolishness of humanity.


07 June, 2008

It's Over

After a 17-month long campaign, we Democrats finally have our nominee.
Hillary Rodham Clinton ended her historic campaign for the presidency on Saturday and told supporters to unite behind rival Barack Obama, closing out a race that was as grueling as it was groundbreaking.
Ye gods, this has gone on forever. Finally we can get rid of the political fatigue that this directed-by-Peter-Jackson-length campaign has inflicted upon us. We can rest, knowing that the candidates are secured and the targets are selected. We can recover with very little additional sniping between the ranks, our very own form of political friendly fire.


Oh the hell with it. I need a drink. Fortunately there is always this.

See you tonight.

04 June, 2008

Bill Murray Had It Easy

Is it over? At long last, has this long cold nuclear-winter of a political season been finished? Are we through with the belly crawl over 47 miles of barbed wire? Can we stop the water torture?

Tonight, I poke my head out of my safe hole and see...

Hillary Clinton's shadow on a stage in New York. Refusing to concede.

Man, does that Punxsutawney Phil have a good life. All he has to do is watch out for his own shadow.

Let me know when the storm has passed completely, which will be the day she concedes.