05 September, 2005

And Who Is Our First Contestant?

Down at the bottom of this post, I suggested that we on the left should target the everloving hell out of certain Louisiana Republicans... And thanks to Josh Marshall and the DCCC, I think we might have our first target. And hooo-doggie, ain't he a beaut:
Boustany three days ago:

Rep. Charles W. Boustany Jr., (R-La.), said he spent the past 48 hours urging the Bush administration to send help. "I started making calls and trying to impress upon the White House and others that something needed to be done," he said. "The state resources were being overwhelmed, and we needed direct federal assistance, command and control, and security -- all three of which are lacking."

Boustany today:

BOUSTANY: Most of the red tape and problems have been at the state level. I have to say that the federal response has been focused on New Orleans with search and rescue operations which is going very, very well at this stage. But we've had a completely ineffectual state response and this is being borne by the local communities to help now. and I have asked the president to take this into consideration, consider that the state response is completely ineffectual and the full range of social and health care needs needs to be met.
Sounds to me like someone is more interested in his party than his constituents. So let's show him the error of his ways, shall we? OurCongress already has a page dedicated to the open warfare about to occur in the 7th Louisiana Congressional District, so I'll be keeping an eye on this one... Not more than one until after the first of the year, though.

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