31 December, 2005

Why Drive Drunk?

Okay, folks. We all know that it's New Year's Eve. And we all know that, this night being what it is, many of you are going to go out and get absolutely plastered tonight.

So you're drunk off your assets. You've got your car. And you're starting to think about getting behind the wheel.

And that's where you should stop. And pick up the phone.

For you folks here in the Denver/Boulder area, here's two companies that will get both you AND your car home. And for less than the combined cab-ride and parking ticket and towed vehicle costs. (Last year in LoDo, a parking ticket was $35, and getting your car out of the tow lot was averaging $55.)

No DUI Denver - 877.NODUIDEN (877.6638433)
RideClub - 888.RIDE.CLUB (888.743.3258)

Regretfully, the company I once worked for, NightRiders, is no longer of going concern. However, this year, I will personally be behind the wheel with some former co-workers over at No DUI Denver. So if you're checking the blogs before going out tonight, give us a try.

And seeing as how most of you probably aren't in this area, here's the Official Left Off Colfax List Of Designated Driver Services:

Los Angeles, CA : Home James
Las Vegas, NV : Designated Driver Incorporated
Columbia, SC : Designated Driver of America
Atlanta, GA : Zingo!
Louisville, KY : CityScoot

And for you folks that don't have something listed above, here's a googling for you.

A DUI is never a good thing to have, and it's even worse on the first morning of the year. And seeing as how there won't be an open courtroom until sometime Tuesday, there'll be little opportunity to get yourself out of jail in time to catch the bowl games.

And speaking as someone who has been hit by a drunk driver (on the morning of Mother's Day, at that), who has had friends get hit by drunk drivers, and had a friend kill someone after driving drunk, I beg of you. Don't drive drunk. It just is not worth it.

After all, I would hate to lose any of my readers. All three of you.


zombyboy said...

The most alcohol I consumed that night came in the form of some really freakin' good tiramisu (spelling?). Yummy, but I was a little worried about possible breathalyzer tests.

Truly, it isn't just my own idiot self that I worry about in the driving drunk department. It's being able to respond safely to all the people who didn't take your advice and being damned sure that I don't ruin someone else's life with my bad choices.

Off Colfax said...

Well, hopefully next year I'll remember to put up the follow-up post sometime BEFORE New Year's Eve, so that folks can make plans in advance. I know for a fact that, well before the time I posted that, No DUI Denver was booked solid until after 2:30 in the morning. And I would not be suprised if that situation wasn't repeated with every single organization across the country.

And with my experience as a cabbie, I also know for a fact that there comes a mad scramble for a taxi, ANY taxi, in LoDo once the 1:45 AM mark is reached. And trust me again, that can lead to some fairly hilarious people-watching.