09 February, 2007

Makes Me Think Of Bad Pick-Up Lines

Maybe she can explain this to me in 7 days.
As Mugatu would say, widgets are so hot right now. Which means that we at Lijit are in the right place at the right time....hopefully with the right message. My job is essentially to push sexy new things on the unassuming blogging public. So watch out. No blogger is safe from getting an outreach plea to bring sexy back to your blog. You know you want to.
Personally, I have to figure out how this blog was sexy in the first place. Or blogging period, really. There's many things I can think of that would make someone say "Oh! That's so hot!" than saying "Yup. I'm a blogger. So what's your Blogosphere Ecosystem rating?"

Yeah. It don't work too well. Then again, she'll be explaining it at the Blogger Bash, so I'm fairly certain alcohol will be involved. So who knows.


tarable said...

Unfortunately, I have never been known for my pick-up lines. I'm too dorky to really pull them off well. Although most of my post was written as a joke (playing off of the "sexy" quote that I referred to), I will be more than happy to explain it all to you on Friday night. Don't worry...you can make almost anything sexy if you go about it the right way. And yes, alcohol will help the discussion.

Off Colfax said...

There are just so many ways I can take this...

So I'll be polite and say I'll see you Friday.