18 September, 2007

Na Ga Ha Pen

I have said many times that I will never vote for Clinton44.

I do not care if she’s running against the combined incarnations of Iosef Stalin, Caligula, and Vlad Tepes. I do not care if the entire opposing platform is made up from Dr. Seuss rhymes and Wagnerian operas. I do not care if her Cabinet-level appointments leak as involving Weird Al Yankovic, Dusty Hill, and Daniel C. Dennett. I do not care if there is a man behind me with a big club, an evil grin, a tray full of non-sterile surgical implements, and severe sociopathic tendencies. (In fact, after voting for Clinton44, I’d welcome that. After tossing your ethical code out the window, what’s wrong with a lot of cruel and unusual punishment?)

Ambition is only to be expected at this level of politics. Yet in my memory, there is only one other Presidential aspirant to display an ambition so raw and naked as to defy any level of disbelief from anyone who is not already a supporter.

Clinton44 lost my vote the moment she formed a committee, and nothing sort of a direct commandment from God will change my mind. And even then, I’d need it repeated at least 10 more times, with associated plagues, before I went along with the plan.

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Brutus said...

We agree on this. I get such an overwhelming sense of dread at the prospect of such electing someone's whose whole point for being in politics is to win elections. We live in an era of constant candidacy.

bllew said...

Last election I printed up my own "bumper sticker" and taped it in the back window. It read:
Bush 04
Because Attila's not running.

It got an enthusiastic thumbs up from a lady riding passenger in a car festooned with lefty stickers.

Vlad 08?

Works for me.