21 October, 2007

The Old Man By The PC

There are scores of you young whippersnappers talking about how "back in the day" of 1999 you got your first computer with, sighing as you reminisce on how you had to learn the hard way how to use Blogger and now everyone has a blog. Well, boo hoo! Punk kids. No idea what it's like.

If you're thinking of disregarding this as another curmudgeonly rant about how we had to surf the net uphill both ways in the snow, let me disabuse you of that notion right now. Because you see, back in my day, we didn't even have the internet. And we liked it.

If you can remember what it means to COPY [/Y|-Y] [/A][/B] [a:][path]filename [/A][/B] [b:][path][filename] [/V], or file transfers over a 28.8, or playing Oregon Trail (Without graphical interfaces!) then give this a read. And most of you would probably laugh your assets off while doing so.

As David would say:

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Greylin said...

Hello! Long time no see. We miss you on WoW. But I saw this and I thought of you!




bllew said...

Can't find the "contact me" button, but, remembering the discussion we had about a "shoot for the cure",



Mr Lady said...

This is me,, laughing my assests off.

I refused to TOUCH the internet until I was in my late 20's because I was raised on Basic. I didn't trust any computer program I didn't write myself.