08 January, 2008

Good For The Goose

While this title could easily be about the Clinton and McCain wins today in New Hampshire simply by following it with the rest of the old yarn, I'm afraid I have something much more important to refer.

After falling short eight times, Gossage received 85.8 percent of the vote Tuesday, easily surpassing the 75 percent threshold for baseball’s highest honor and becoming just the fifth reliever in Cooperstown’s bullpen.
I've said before that I've been a long-time fan of San Diego sports teams, and I'll say it yet again sometime soon enough. Gossage and Gwynn were two of my childhood sports heroes. Few people could close like the Goose. Few people could hit it like Tony. And never unless they were also in a Padres uniform.

Last year was Tony's year. This year is the Goose's year.

Congratulations, Rick. You deserve it.

(And may Trevor Hoffman make it on the first ballot.)

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