07 June, 2008

It's Over

After a 17-month long campaign, we Democrats finally have our nominee.
Hillary Rodham Clinton ended her historic campaign for the presidency on Saturday and told supporters to unite behind rival Barack Obama, closing out a race that was as grueling as it was groundbreaking.
Ye gods, this has gone on forever. Finally we can get rid of the political fatigue that this directed-by-Peter-Jackson-length campaign has inflicted upon us. We can rest, knowing that the candidates are secured and the targets are selected. We can recover with very little additional sniping between the ranks, our very own form of political friendly fire.


Oh the hell with it. I need a drink. Fortunately there is always this.

See you tonight.


Billll said...

So the candidate 2 clicks to the left of Fidel Castro got beat by the one three clicks to the left of said "centrist"? Bummer, dude, I know how you feel. Fortunately for you, the other surviving candidate is a viable alternative:

McCain '08
The least repulsive Democrat running.

Off Colfax said...

And I respond to you the same as I did the other night.

Cthulhu '08: Why vote for the lesser evil.