22 August, 2008

Sonova Crap

Bill is in ICU at Swedish. He has been biking to work and was found unconscious at the side of the road in Englewood this evening. He's had two CT scans and 1 X Ray so far. They are monitoring him hourly to check on his arachnoid bleed. Lotsa blood on the brain. He doesn't remember what happened.
To the man that watched me get shot down in flames, and had the decency not to laugh his butt off about it...

Get well soon, dude.

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Billll said...

FWIW, I'm now back at work, 1/2 time, and the Dr says I'm recovering nicely.
Robert has suggested I modify my bike with an ejection seat, although as fast as it all happened, it probably would have just tossed itself into my unconscious body after everything finally stopped moving.
After a concussion, "quick recovery" is in the same category as continental drift.

Besides, didn't you get lucky at the fireworks display on the 4th?