31 January, 2009

Ein Zwei Drei Beer

Hmmm... Must be February already. Because it is now time for...


See David for details.

But in the meantime, unless you thought I wrote that title for the completely obvious reason, let me introduce the latest party animal...


And yes. His name really is a reference to Cowboy Bebop. We're all dorks over here. It's completely natural.

He's pretty much a classic herding dog when it comes to his behavior. If you are, Heaven forbid, attempting to leave his domain, he will sound the alarm and charge. If you are, Heaven forbid, trying to enter his domain, he will sound the alarm and charge.

I swear that he'd be the world's best guard dog if he would only grow a bit more. But, yet again, he's a corgi. Low, lean, fast, and able to get into amazingly difficult places. I know this for certain, as I still have the claw marks on my chest from when he crawled into my bed and slipped under the covers just so he could wash Alice's back. Alice was not amused. Violently so. And her claws were already aimed at me, so... Yeah.

(Oh. And a PSA for folks out there: Bactine is not meant to be applied to nipples. Not even male ones. You have been warned.)

(And you may laugh now.)

His most endearing quality? His addiction to belly rubs. That and he really wants to be a lap dog, even though he is far too big to fit in my lap.

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