31 March, 2009

To The Curb

I read this just before I had to go and walk the dogs tonight. And there is very little to do but think while walking dogs. So my conclusion?

With the new information about his former aide's lobbying firm, I'm finally convinced.

All the conservatives who have been railing against John Murtha's corruption over these long years were right. Those who were only railing against him since he stood up on the floor of the House and called Bush43's Iraq plans for what they were, which could only be summarized by a long string of four-letter words, will unfortunately feel the most justified out of them all. They would be the ones that are prominently mentioning his opposition to the AUMF.

The first sort will be the ones that stood more on principle. The second sort will be the ones who stand on partisan politics, and principles be damned.

I'm not much for solely being for partisan politics.

Let the investigations be opened, and let the sunshine in.

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