31 July, 2005

The Dangers Of Terminal Insomnia

Yes, Susan. Terminal insomnia (defined by myself as "either I get to sleep soon or I shoot myself" rather than the medically correct version) is a horrible thing. Too much coffee during the day and hyperactive cats at night tends to keep one thinking random thoughts ad nauseum until you either burst or find an outlet.

Well, that's one problem solved, isn't it.

Even the name of this blog is an exercise in twisted can't-sleep-because-I'm-thinking-too-much logic.

  • First, I'm a Democrat. I mentioned up there that this is going to be mostly about politics, didn't I? And Democrats are almost always associated with the word "left" these days.
  • Second, I happen to live just off of Colfax Avenue, which anyone who lives here in the Denver area will know immediately what it means. The rest of you, click the link.
  • And third, whenever I have to give directions to someone, I'm always telling them to turn left off Colfax.
See? Insomniac logic at it's best. Or worst, which ever the case may be...

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