31 July, 2005

How Would YOU Spend $0.04?

Thanks to Amanda over at Pandagon for spotting this little gem.


My mother reads this column. So, trust me, I don't plan to talk about sex toys any more than I have to. I'm no expert on the subject, either. But I do know they're not worth a multi-billion dollar tax increase.


Recently, it came to light that a sculpture entitled "Twelve Dildos on Hooks" was purchased with $5,000 in state funds. Actually, no, I take that back: when she applied for government funding, the artist, Tsehai Johnson, changed the title of her work to "Large Implements on Hooks.
The remainder of the article happens to be entirely about the evils of Referendums C and D coming up on the November ballot. Standard anti-tax fare, so I won't submit anyone to it here. So rather than listing it all off, instead I'll sum it up in one line...

Taxes are bad, mmm-kay?

But the ever-resourceful Amanda (and I admit, I tend to just gloss over her posts, as she's almost too far to the left for my tastes) did the advanced mathmatics for us.

I did the math and decided to figure out if in fact your average person does in fact pinch their pennies this hard. Of course, I'm not so great at math, but my handy calculator and I figured that if you scaled this $3.6 billion tax raise down to my annual salary, then the portion of my money that would have gone to this piece of art is 4 cents. I would totally spend 4 cents on a rack of dildos.
Makes this issue seem like pocket change, doesn't it? But I will bet that the Colorado GOP will spend millions on ads based off of this.

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