13 January, 2006

Questionable Linkings

As some of you out there have probably figured out by now, I'm somewhat of a geek at heart.

Well, the truth is that I'm just a wee bit more than somewhat, as the Cowboy Bebop wallscrolls in my room can attest to. And the Ein plushie that sits next to my monitor to guard my pile of junk mail. And the limited edition Macross Saga mechas (No link. I ain't giving away my sources!) sitting on the shelf in my closet where the cats can't get to them. And the Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex box set I got myself for Christmas (No one but me would think about getting me such a cool gift.) but haven't talked myself into opening yet because once I do, it'll be nothing but plopping myself in front of the television and wondering with a fraction of my attention span if there's a GitS:SAC drinking game out there. (I just have to wonder... When you buy youself something as a present, do you have to write yourself a thank-you note? Interpersonal protocol wonks of the world, the floor is open for debate.)

Well, the other half of my geekiness is displayed by webcomics. I've been reading Megatokyo since before Piro started in on Chapter 3, 9th Elsewhere since Chapter 2, Chugworth Academy since before Chloe had pastel-colored hair... Plus Tao of Geek (self-explanatory), Two Lumps (Cats really are better than us, you know.), Blue Crash Kit (Already paid my anthropomorphic dues.), and Exterminatus Now (Ditto. And recovering 40K addict.)... Oh, and you definitely can't let me forget The Order of the Stick. (Recovering RPG addict.) (And no, that doesn't stand for Rocket-Propelled Grenade!)

Well, a new one has been added to the list of webcomics that make me laugh so hard that I end up spilling a half-eaten box of BBQ pork with vegetables from my local and good Chinese delivery spot all over my keyboard, causing a frantic 25 minutes of tearing apart my apartment looking for the spare and scaring the unholy heck out of my cats with my mutterings and half-vocalized obscenities just so I could keep reading without having to use the scrollbar as my laughter kept shaking the trackball too much for any regular stability to enter the equation.

Ladies and Gentlemen... I give to you:

Questionable Content!

Seriously, if you have even close to the same warped and twisted sense of humor as I do; know someone who is either goth, emo, or indie; happen to BE either goth, emo, or indie; love obscure references that would make the back-when-he-was-still-on-HBO Dennis Miller shake his head and wonder what the heck you're talking about...

Well, I'm fairly certain that you'd absolutely love this one. Just do me a favor.

Keep the Chinese take-out as far away from the keyboard as possible.

Trust me on this.

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