12 January, 2006

Time Out!

This is directed solely to those posting the incoherent garbage over here and here...

Guys, this is the exact sort of thing that makes the blowhards over at RedState feel perfectly justified when they go on the attack. And this is the exact type of thing that we Democrats were universally decrying when it happened to Chelsea Clinton back in the 90's, isn't it.

And this is the exact type of event that caused me to take the Daily Kos off my list of daily readings to begin with. Not just because of the commenters going overboard, but the occasional cut-from-the-same-cloth diary being promoted to the front page. (Well, that and Armando becoming a front-pager. Couldn't stand the guy's writing style. Or politics, for that matter.)

I don't even read the comments over at Eschaton anymore, mostly because I can't stomach all the vitriol-fueled garbage that gets spun around until it sounds like fact. Fortunately, Duncan has a bit better grasp of factuality than his commenters, and rarely gives them the legitimization of being on the main page.

Folks, this blog here is, and will continue to be, completely without any snarkiness aimed at the family of political figures. Period, ad infinitum, ad astra, ad nauseum. If I can't simply put all the attention on the political figure and their viewpoints, decisions, and suitability themselves, I simply cannot justify putting fingers to keyboard. It's not worth the effort, either in time spent or in thought processes wasted.

So to the pathetic morons partaking in such efforts, I have three words:


That is all.

[Turn signals to Glenn Reynolds, Right Wing News, and Ankle Biting Pundits.]

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