18 April, 2006

The End Of the World

Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared. Life as we know it is about to expire dramatically. And should this blog end, then you, my loyal readers (All four of you.), will know the cause.

Meet Swords Crossed. A most unlikely team, made up by Josh TreviƱo of RedState and Tacticus fame, Armando of DailyKos, and Pyrrho, have teamed up to make what will probably be the most explosive blog since... Actually, I can't think of anything close to this in potential.

I don't believe I will be reading Swords Crossed on a regular basis. After all, Armando's elevation to the frontpage of the Daily Kos was one of the reasons I stopped reading it, and Tacticus gives me the willies each and every single time I look at it. Yet I felt it important to warn you of the existence of said blog. You know, just in case it actually does cause the world to end once the official launch date of April 24th arrives.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by Balloon Juice.

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