20 April, 2006

This Has Got To Hurt

I have been doing the randomizer routine again. Every so often, I just start clicking onto random blogroll entries and seeing what there is to see, reading what there is to read, and pondering what there is to ponder. A vast majority of the time, it leaves me shaking my head while wondering if George Carlin was a bit too optimistic when he said, "Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of them are stupider than that."

This time was very different.

Our current bit of wisdom comes via Unreconstructed, which is a very unapologetic Southern Conservative blog. This would naturally not be the type of blog that I would normally read. And yet, the fact that he linked to a review of The Bush Betrayal by James Bovard, said review written by yet another heavily Southern Conservative individual named Ryan Setliff, speaks volumes to me about how many segments of the other side of the double yellow line are viewing the President.

Go ahead and read this on your own time. For now, I'll leave you with this line, as cited by Ryan Setliff, from Senator John Randolph:
It is my duty to leave nothing undone that I may lawfully do, to pull down this administration... They who, from indifference, or with their eyes open, persist in hugging the traitor to their bosom, deserve to be insulted... deserve to be slaves, with no other music to soothe them but the clank of the chains which they have put on themselves and given to their offspring.
Intriguing, no?

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