03 October, 2006

Uncomfortably Numb

This has certainly been one of those times that numbs the brain. Every single time I try to sit down and write about the recent epidemic of school shootings, my mind draws a blank and my fingers refuse to move.

For the love of every God we have ever known, let there be no more shootings. One is a tragedy. Two is senseless.

Three starts to turn the mind into goo. And, in simple self defense, we start to acclimate to the horror in an attempt to lower the shock to our systems. But when it comes to violence in a school, the last thing we as a society need to do is have a lessened sense of horror. For a grown adult to kill a child is certainly one of the greatest evils available. Should we become sensitized to the shock of it happening, it will no longer be a horrible thing to happen, but will simply be one of those things that happen.

And that is something that I found myself thinking last night. And I still find myself horrified that I could even start down that path.

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone in this nonsensical orgy of bloodshed.

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