28 December, 2006

I'm In

John Edwards is to officially announce today.

Of all the '04 also-rans, Edwards was the one that showed the most promise to me. His ideas were (mostly) sensible. His policies were thought out. His ducks were in a row.

Label me as part of the bandwagon. Again.

But if it comes to Edwards against McCain... Then I might have a serious conflict.

Carpe jugulum.


zombyboy said...

Not a fan of Obama?

Off Colfax said...

Obama's good. But he's definitely not seasoned enough for my tastes. His ideas have yet to go through the Crunch-O-Matic of a campaign the scale of a presidential primary, and he's only had 2 years in the Senate to gain the necessary and sufficient amount of anti-cultural infusion that a successful candidate needs. (See the Fall Of Dean for further reference.)

Obama'd be a great Veep sidekick for whoever gets the nod. But I don't see him running the top of the ticket for another 4 years minimum.

Brutus said...

Edwards may have announced too early. The MSM has already focused on one or two missteps and concluded that the race is already over for him. They can either coronate or kill a candidate like that. Whether public perception follows (horses being led to water?) will be seen in time.

To prefer McCain over Edwards is a rather unlikely juxtaposition. It's like substituting hot sauce for vanilla extract.

Off Colfax said...

Unlikely, true.

Yet in 2000, I was a McCain Democrat.

In 2004, I was an Edwards booster.

Two guys I've supported in the past, currently in the serious running for the nominations in 2008.

Hence the word conflict.