10 June, 2007

The Off Colfax Movie Soundtrack

Via Jane.

The rules:
  1. Open your media player of choice.
  2. Load every song you have.
  3. Put it on shuffle.
  4. For each question, type the song that is playing.
  5. Next question, next song.
  6. Be honest. Don't fib just to not sound like a dork.
Okay. Fine. But I'll skip over repeat artists. Otherwise, there'd probably be a lot of the same people on here.
Opening Credits: Das Ich - Unschuld Erde (Funker Vogt remix)
Waking Up: MC Lars - Straight Outta Stockholm
First Day At School: Jimmy Eat World - A Praise Chorus
Falling In Love: Chris Isaac - Wicked Game
Breaking Up: Wolfsheim - I Don't Love You Anymore
Prom: Savage Garden - I Want You
Life's Okay: They Might Be Giants - Istanbul, Not Constantinople
Mental Breakdown: Gin Blossoms - Lost Horizons
Driving: Information Society - (Tell Me) What's On Your Mind
Flashback: Lisa Loeb - Stay
Getting Back Together: Incubus Succubus - Love Spell
Wedding: The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Birth Of A Child: ZZ Top - Tush
Final Battle: Epsilon Minus - Just Another Long Shot
Death Scene: Dropkick Murphys - The Legend Of Finn Maccumhail
Funeral Song: Beborn Beton - Another World
End Credits: Dead Milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro
I promise. Those are my actual, unadulterated results. WinAmp officially loves me! Why? A baby being born to "Tush"? Classic for a comedy. A death scene featuring a song about a guy that got his army gloriously massacred? Priceless. Exchanging rings to the words "If a double-decker bus/Kills the both of us/To die by your side/The honor and the privilege is mine"? I could actually see doing that one in real life! (Aside from the fact that I can't actually see me, ya know, actually getting married in the first place.) And if you ever heard the Gin Blossoms song, you'd know exactly why it is absolutely perfect for a mental breakdown. "Drink enough of anything/To make this world look new again."

I really couldn't have had a better list if I cheated and handpicked the perfect songs manually. But if I had, those perfect songs would be the following:
Opening Credits: Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby
Waking Up: Less Than Jake - Modern World
First Day Of School: The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Falling In Love: Sarina Paris - Baby Look At Us Now
Breaking Up: Rusted Root - Beautiful People
Prom: Fictional - Blue Lights
Life's Okay: Riddlin' Kids - I Feel Fine
Mental Breakdown: Blues Traveler - Mountain Cry
Driving: Darude - Sandstorm (JS16 mix)
Flashback: R.E.M. - Try Not To Breathe
Getting Back Together: Reliant K - High Of 75
Wedding: Funker Vogt - Für Dich
Birth Of A Child: Devo - Beautiful World
Final Battle: Nebula H - Twilight Zone (Feat. Dirk Ivens)
Death Scene: Dream Academy - Life In A Northern Town
Funeral Song: U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name
End Credits: 10,000 Maniacs - Stockton Gala Days
Different choices leading to different results leading to different emotive processes leading to different cinematics. But either list could very easily work.

Well. Maybe not Bitchin' Camaro at the end. That'd be more of an opening credits song, don'tcha think?


jean snow said...

Ah, Dream Academy, I have new respect!

My Pick:
Radiation Therapy: Dream Academy Indian Summer

Jack Roy said...

Everyone with the iPods! This Random Shuffle Friday stuff doesn't work so well with my Walkman. I guess I could press fast-forward and rewind a lot, but mostly my mixes would look like:

1. Morrissey--I Know Very Well How I Got My Name
2. Umm... the ending of I Know Very Well How I Got My Name. I didn't press the button for long enough.
3. Ooh! Lullaby by the Cure, but the part in the middle, not the part in the beginning that I like more---I'm going to rewind.
4. Sweet. "Spider-man / Is having / Me / For dinner / Tonight."
5. "But Not Tonight," Depeche Mode.
6. Look, I made this mixtape when I was in high school, alright? Like you're proud of everything you listened to then.

Off Colfax said...

Nope. Off of WinAmp and fueled with *cough* "legitimately downloaded" *cough* MP3 files.

I don't even have an iPod. Just a cheap $25 buck MP3 player I got off eBay from Hong Kong. (I wouldn't mind a Zune, though.)

And the only things I'm not proud of listening to in the '80s were "Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage" and anything by Metallica. The latter because Lars Ulrich killed Napster as we knew it because he blew all his money on good cocaine and bad prostitutes and needed a cash explosion for prostituting himself to the RIAA and I will forever hate him for it, and the former because... Well, do you actually need a reason to be embarrassed about that song?

And the rest of you, head over to Jean's blog and show some support. It's obvious that we will never see eye-to-eye on every single issue out there, but she is firmly not enjoying a long series of (admittedly life-saving) painful medical procedures.

Now, I know that the phrase "the rest of you" means about 6 people total, but hey. It is better than nothing, right?