19 February, 2006

I Scoop The WaPo!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. You saw it here before you saw it in the Washington Post. Okay, so it was only an editorial. Still, even the titles are somewhat similar.

OC: A Newt-Less Democratic Party
WaPo: Dems Need A Newt Of Their Own

I have to wonder if either Elisabeth Wilner or Chuck Todd have accidentally surfed their ways towards this blog at some point in the last four months, as some of our points are strikingly similar. Albeit, their version is much more well-written than the half-insomniac, highly-caffienated rambling blather I usually have featured here.

(Special feature for my right-of-center readers: Next time you feel the need to snark a network anchorman, use the name of Blambring Rather in vain. You're welcome. You can buy me a beer later.)

I really have to wonder what is next. Will someone come out with an editorial that details the various factions of the Democratic Party? Or an analysis of the War Powers Resolution in relation to bringing charges against civilians in time of war? How about the two-faced nature of racial politics?

To the editors of the Washington Post: If you find these concepts intriguing, please contact me. Email is linked on the sidebar. We can work something out. Trust me.

Now if you will excuse me, I feel the need to do a victory lap.

[Turn signal: Duncan.]

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