11 February, 2006


Well, it's official. Complete with a rather awesome graphic!

Time for the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash v. 5.0!

All the cool kids will be there. David guarantees it.

Of course, I'll be there as well, so not only cool kids will be attending.

But should you arrive on time, you'll have approximately 6 hours of there only being cool kids there, as I can't manage to get there until almost midnight.

Click the image to RSVP. Do it now! Do it now! Or else suffer from an erratic posting schedule, random parenthetical comments, and a total lack of catblogging!

(Oh. Shoot. You already suffer from that, don't you. Ummm... What else could I use to cause weak-kneed terror in an unsuspecting populace... Aha! Eureka!)

Do it or suffer from having to watch THIS stuff all day!

Yup. Knew that'd get your attention.

That answer your question, VV?


zombyboy said...

I do wish you could show up earlier. Like, when I'm sober.

But I am definitely staying through the whole thing, do find me when you get there and I'll buy you a drink.

Off Colfax said...

Tell you what.

Get me out of having to go to the human torture session (Work is a four-letter word.) and I'll show up bright and early.

But seeing as how my manager is on vacation this week, the odds of that happening are someplace between those of California sliding into the ocean and a major earthquake striking New York.