28 February, 2006


You know, I really need to get better at this kind of thing.

Yet another long stretch of abandoned posts in Blogger's trashcan, and not a single one I can think of to polish up to actually post on here. I think I've started at least 20 in the 9 days, only to close out the browser window to end the torment.

I have to ask. Am I being too hard on myself? Have my self-expectations up too high? Should I lower my standards and post the various things that make me want to hurl?

I know there's at least four of you out there that wonder what I think about events and life in general. (Used to be three, but I gave my father the URL. Say hi to everyone, Dad.) So I expect at least some response to this one.

In the meantime, to really start swearing, read what Fiat Lux posted earlier.

Le sigh. And they just got XP up to the point where it's secure...

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