30 January, 2007

The Anodyne Of Distraction

As is usual for me, I have three separate blog posts running through my head. All at the same time. It is so very frustrating to try and think about how I'm going to write about Subject #1 just to find Subjects #2 and #3 sneak their ways in front of my train of thought like wandering cows on an Amtrak right-of-way. So rather than try and hammer my thought processes into some semblance of order, I just give up and keep reading through my blogroll.

And then I find that I'm not the only one I know that has problems with the new Blogger. Although for her, it's about Haloscan. For me, it's trying to figure out how to get my main column width back to the way it was under the old template.

Grrrr. Argh.

But the good news is that I no longer have Dueling Blog Posts playing in my brain. The bad news is that I completely and totally forgot everything I was going to say about them.

Win some. Lose some.

[LAST MINUTE EDIT THAT WAS LATER THAN THE LAST MINUTE: Speaking of forgetting what I was going to say, I almost forgot that David & Co. have finally released the location of the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash v. 6.0. At the Wynkoop Brewing Company, better known as the place John Hickenlooper owned before becoming Hizzoner of Denver.

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