24 January, 2007

Black Is Always Fashionable

Hmmm... Interesting.
The moment their teenage son or daughter dyes their hair black and starts getting creative with eyeliner can be a nightmare for parents. But a report suggests it should be a time for celebration.

Goths are likely to grow up to be doctors, lawyers or architects, the study by Sussex University says.

They are refined and sensitive, keen on poetry and books, not big on drugs or anti-social behaviour. They are also likely to carry on being goths into their adult life.

Nope. No complaints here. I still go to the goth clubs at the late age of [CENSORED] years, even though I was arguably not a true goth in high school. Black was too damn trendy for my tastes, so I wore all gray for a 18 months instead. Therefore, I was socially rejected from every single collective grouping on campus. Yes, even the chess team.

What excellent practice that ended up being. All because I heard Morrissey's line about wearing black on the outside because black was how he felt on the inside, which was followed by the sudden realization that I didn't know how the hell I really felt on the inside.

[Turn signal: Ang. Not Ana Ng.]

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Jim said...

I have a good opinoon of Goths, from my anrrow expereince, and I'm an old fart. A few years ago my son sort of drifted in that direction, fashion-wise mostly. I went with him when he clothes-shopped now and then, and what struck me first was how decent and sweet people were to each other, quite apart from the normal retail politeness. (Quite the contrast from the little male bitches AF hires.) They seemed to be acting like a refuge for each other. Oh, and I went also because one of the guys In knew from the National Guard was the store manager and we would visit. My kid has moved on, but I still rmemeber that time as pleasnat.