10 April, 2007

I Am Seriously In Trouble

I've been single for... Well, let's just say that, to remember my last relationship, even God would have to look it up in a reference book.

John Tierney's latest column fails to inflate my optimism.
They found that a 5-foot-8 man was just as successful in getting dates as a 6-footer if he made more money — precisely $146,000 a year more. For a 5-foot-2 man, the number was $277,000.
I'm 5-foot-4. Which, by extrapolation, would mean I need another $240k per annum.

Yup. Ain't gonna happen any time soon.

But at least I'll always have the Internet. Even though the last panel of this strip sums up my life rather well.

[Turn Signal: You Know Who]


Angie said...

omg that youtube clip is hilarious!

Dex said...

john tierney is the LAST place you should go for anything related to the female of the species.

Off Colfax said...

You may have a point, Dex...

Okay. You probably have a point. Yet what are the odds that this will seriously start happening now that Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle has been violated?

Heisenberg: Not Just For Physics Geeks