03 August, 2005

And This Is How We Respect Our Allies

While President Bush travelled to his ranch in Crawford, I think he missed a stop in his flight plan:

Muslim leaders and Saudi princes have bid a final farewell to King Fahd before his body was buried in an unmarked grave in a desert cemetery in keeping with Saudi Arabia's austere Islamic tradition.

The private ceremony in Riyadh Tuesday took place after prayers at the Imam Turki bin Abdullah mosque where Fahd's body, draped in a brown robe, was carried by his sons on a wooden plank.

Later on in the article (emphasis mine):

Western leaders and dignitaries, including Britain's Prince Charles, French President Jacques Chirac and Australia's governor general were also offering condolences.

U.S. President George W. Bush, who has promised a "close partnership" with Saudi Arabia under Abdullah's leadership, sent a delegation.
So let me get this straight... The head of state dies, and Bush doesn't even go? Now THAT is showing some respect to our allies, isn't it just?

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