24 August, 2005

Snark Fin Soup?

Ah, the snark has been flying today, hasn't it just? Especially about the No Child Left Behind Act and Connecticut's recent lawsuit, the snarkyness is so thick, you could cut it with a spoon.

Margaret Spellings:
I just see that as a red herring. What are they afraid of knowing, I guess, is one of the things I'd like to know.
Richard Blumenthal:
Three words for federal officials - read the law. Under the law, the federal government must pay for any additional testing. They have not done so.
Now, you'd think that the Secretary of Education could do simple math, right? Well, apparently not. And neither can the staffer that came up with the idea that $41.6 million less than a number is equal to that number.

Damn that New Math!

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