30 August, 2005

Plan (To Kill) B

Again, random news sites are good things on occasion. I would seriously recommend clicking random links and seeing what there is to see... Like this little blurb from News-Medical.net:

Many groups, including reproductive rights groups, say easier access would help women get the pills in time following a rape or broken condom, leading to fewer abortions, while Conservative opponents claim that wider availability would lead to more promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases.

Kirsten Moore, president of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project accuses the FDA of continually procrastinating and says there there is no way to ensure underage girls would not get the pills and "that this is the end of it".

But the group, Concerned Women for America (CWA), a conservative group that opposes over-the-counter sales, has welcomed the FDA decision.

Wendy Wright, CWA's senior policy director, says it is naive to assume any over-the-counter scheme for the morning-after pill would be effective, as a 17-year-old could buy it for a 13-year-old girl, or worse yet, a pedophile could purchase this drug for his victims.

Now, the last part of the blocked section really gets to me... The old "But a pedophile..." argument rears its ugly head yet again. You folks out there should remember the good old days back before the ACLU took the Communications Decency Act to court? And won handily at that?

This same line was the one used by those that wanted this here Internet to be age-restricted and porn-filtered and chatroom-monitored until even Adolux Huxley and George Orwell would find it absurd. Didn't work then, did it. Didn't work the next time with Children's Online Protection Act either...

But those are different subjects, you say? And you're making our argument for us, you say? By equating the morning-after pill with hardcore smut merchants, you say?

Wrong... I'm equating the arguments that this Wendy Wright person seems to be making with arguments done in the past that attempt to equate their own moral standard as "protecting childdren from pedophiles" rather than simply allowing their moral standard to stand for itself.

And that, to me, is the worst part. I'm fine with people making their arguments and standing by their moral standings. But don't use atrocious scare tactics that involve things you can't prove.

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