19 August, 2005

What Really Is Wrong With The Far Left

My roommate is in full-out rant-mode today. Most of what she's saying is incoherent, but it boils down to accusing President Bush of conspiring to destroy the current space/time continuum. How?

By her logic, messing around with Daylight Savings Time.

Of course, seeing how she's a complete blue pill when it comes to politics, she has most of the little details wrong. Like Bush only signing the bill that Congress passed. Or that it will change the way time is measured for the whole world. Or even that he has a Caesar complex, wanting to remake the entire world into his image... Okay, she might be onto something with that last one. Maybe.

And this is where the far left wing of the Democratic Party seems to have the problem as well.

You see, nothing is too far into the pale to pin on Bush for some of us (coughmostKossackscoughcoughAtrioscough) on the left side of the road. If the sun failed to set, they'd blame it on Bush rather than a breakdown of Newton's Second Law of Motion. If their beloved pet disappears, they'd point to the inane nature of Fox News before checking to see if there's any coyotes in the area (or even making sure that the pet isn't behind the closet door in the hallway). If their skin was to turn a lurid purple, they'd send up Action Alerts and instantly-fax-your-Congressman websites before they check to see if someone put dye in their swimming pool.

Indeed, anything that goes wrong will be instantly attributed to Bush, just as anything that went wrong between 1993 and 2000 was instantly considered by the far right wing of the Republican Party to be Clinton's fault.

Which is about as fair to Bush 43 as it was to Clinton. And remember the howling that we Loud And Proud Democrats did whenever Limbaugh started off on his it's-Clinton's-fault meme?

Is that an echo I hear coming from the right edge of the road?

Face it, people. All we Democrats seem to be doing is repeating the history of the GOP. And making all the errors without gaining any of the successes. However fleeting their collective successes they may seem, they are the cornerstone of the Republican philosophy and will be so for the next 20 years.

Unless we Democrats can get off our collective asses and pull a Contract For America for the left. Or just something similar. And the odds of that happening? I'm putting that around 25-1 before the 2006 midterms, and 20-1 before the 2008 Presidential.

Okay, so I'm not exactly an optimist...

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