02 March, 2006

Bad Day

Blogging might be even more erratic than usual for a while.

Wednesday, just after cashing my paycheck, I had my wallet stolen.

I tried to chase the bastage down, but he jumped in a car and drove off. And almost ran me over while doing so.

Don't worry. I'm in one piece. Only thing that's more wrong than usual is a banged-up wrist from when I hit the ground. Other injuries are a minor contusion on my elbow, a cut on my palm, and a bruised knee. So I count myself lucky in that regard.

But the bastage has my rent money, which is due on Monday. Oh, and he also has my credit cards (Now cancelled.) and my driver's license. And, because I also had a job interview (And one that doesn't involve gas stations at that!) earlier that morning, he also has my Social Security card, which means that all the various horror stories involving identity theft might soon happen to me. Probably stupid of me, but there was also a CBI background check involved, and they use that information during the process. Not to mention that, more often than not, I've filled out the W-2 at the end of successful interviews rather than waiting by the phone for the "You've Got Job" call. But without my driver's license, if I land the job, I won't be able to immediately accept it as it involves, you know, driving.

So if I suddenly disappear for a while, even from random comments on the sites on my blogroll, you know what generally happened.

So if you'll excuse me, I need to find a way to keep from getting evicted. And only have until Monday to do it. And I have to go to work this afternoon, too.

But first, I'll go lie in bed and stare at the ceiling until half-past-dawn or so, hoping like hell that a purring cat can relax me the rest of the way into exhausted oblivion. Because I doubt I can sleep any other way.

Very bad day.


Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Very bad. You have my sympathy. Although, I can't understand why you would want to pay your rent in cash.

zombyboy said...

My sympathies, too. Did the cops catch the bastard?

Off Colfax said...

Rent money was in cash at the time due to it needing to be deposited into my roommate's checking account, which was where I was going next. My landlord doesn't accept plain cash payment. Instead, they prefer lump-sum checks and the remainder of the funds was already in her account.

And no, they haven't caught the guy yet. And, to be punishingly honest with myself, there is a slightly better chance of them catching him as there is of me winning the Olympic gold medal in the decathalon at the 2008 Games. But only by two orders of magnitude.