03 May, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust

Via TPM Muckraker comes this brief interlude from the illegal immigration issue.
Jackson further admits that in early 2001, Representative A told him that Representative A would not continue to provide official assistance to Jackson's company, iGate, unless Jackson agreed to pay a nominee company ostensibly maintained in the names of Representative A's spouse and children. Jackson agreed and signed a consulting services agreement committing iGate to pay the nominee company various things of value, thereby concealing Jackson's payments in exchange for Representative A's performance of official acts in furtherance of iGate's business in Africa and elsewhere, including, but not limited to: a) monthly payments of $7,500; b) a percentage of iGate's gross sales; c) a percentage of capital investments raised for iGate; and d) options for iGate stock.
For the sake of illumination, remove all references to "Representative A" and replace them with Congressman William Jefferson.

Got that? Good.

Now could we please kick one more corrupt bastage out of office? Just as with the Randy Cunningham corruption/bribery issue, there shall be no mercy for those who, instead of serving their constituents, use their higher office to serve their own bank account balance. Period. Ad infinitum. Ad astra. Forever. World without end. Nananana, nananana, hey-hey-hey, goodbye. Omayn.

Of course, there are some that will turn this into a purely partisan issue. Just as there were many on my side of the double-yellow line that turned the "Duke" Cunningham case into a purely partisan issue.

Political corruption is not a partisan issue. It should be stamped out wherever it is found, regardless of whether it is by Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Independent or Insert-Obscure-Party-Here. It should be uprooted like any weed that takes away from the good and proper.

Want to know who is a true partisan? Find out who was constantly bashing Cunningham over the head with a rubber albatross, and see if they're even mentioning Jefferson. Or, on the flip side, see those who were insisting that Cunningham must be the target of political machinations and are currently damning Jefferson's name unto the eighth circle of the Inferno.

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