29 May, 2006

Smoothe The Worries Of The Soul

Folks seem to be randomly tossing out their iPod lists these days. Particularly since Hillary and Condi have both had theirs released. So who am I to not follow along with the trend?

Of course, I don't actually have an iPod. With my monthly take-home, I really can't afford anything with an approximately $200 price tag. Instead I got one of these through eBay. (Great deal, though. $23 bucks plus shipping and insurance. All told, I paid under fifty bucks for a gig.)

So... What's on my MP3 player? Here's a random top twenty.
  1. VNV Nation - Standing
  2. The Ataris - Punk Goes Metal - I Remember You
  3. They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
  4. Peter Gabriel - Biko
  5. Midnight Oil - Truganini
  6. Loreena McKennitt - Marrakesh Night Market
  7. Wolfsheim - Kuenstliche Welten
  8. Counting Crows - Omaha
  9. The Cure - Pictures Of You
  10. Fictional - Blue Lights
  11. Styx - Come Sail Away
  12. The Seatbelts - Goodnight Julia
  13. Apoptygma Bezerk - Kathy's Song (Beborn Beton remix)
  14. ZZ Top - La Grange
  15. The Cranberries - Dreams
  16. Nickel Creek - The House Of Tom Bombadil
  17. Enya - Storms In Africa
  18. Goo Goo Dolls - Name
  19. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Someday I Suppose
  20. Daft Punk - One More Time
You know, part of me really wishes someone could sort through that and give me a detailed analysis of my political viewpoints. Of course, that would be just so I could sit there and laugh as they contradict themselves. Only one thing is for certain: you won't find rap or country on my playlists. Why? Because they've become too contrived and market-focused on their specific part of the market. It doesn't matter whether it's 50 Cent or Kenny Chesney (whom I've actually met, by the by), it has the exact same polished feel to it. And I can't stand it.

Of course, some people might argue that some of what I listen to has the uber-market polish as well. But there's a slight difference between the two:

I like this stuff.

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