02 May, 2006

Post-Draft Thoughts

While I've never let it come onto the blog just yet, I've been a life-long fan of the Chargers. I was born in San Diego, and that is pretty much where my heart has resided for the last 29 years of life. So, with the formality known as Draft Day 2006 out of the way, I can finally let go the breath I've been holding and say, yet again, that Smith & Co. did not repeat the Leaf Disaster.

I'm thinking that the Chargers came out of the draft in fairly decent shape. They even did most of the things I have been railing at them for years to do on the draft weekend. Even lost my voice after the 2002 Draft from constantly yelling bloody obscenities at the television.

One damn good cornerback, albeit one with some leg-health issues but definitely not another Quentin "My Ego Needs Its Own Helmet, Private Physical Therapist, And Three-Year Contract With Signing Bonus" Jammer. One big set of holes, no puns intended, filled in the offensive line. One moderate-to-high talent, with a friggin' rail-gun grafted onto his shoulder in place of a throwing arm, to play third-string to Rivers if/when he gets hurt. And one person to try and fill the shoes marked "55", which will forevermore be one of the most serious challenges faced by anyone in the ILB slot on the Bolts' depth chart.

Looks like a fairly decent set of guys going down to Sandog Town out of this one. Should be a good season to be in the shadow of Jack Murphy, regardless of what kinds of games they play with corporate naming rights.

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