25 March, 2006

Quick Note

Just a post to let you, my very loyal readers, that I haven't gone the way of Colorado Luis. Sadly, Luis has shut down his blog, after many many posts which should be required reading. And just as many insightful posts that are not beer-related.

I do, however, have bad news. Wednesday, I finally gave in to the constant biting pain and visited the emergency room.

The wrist is officially broken from the bad-day episode, if only a hairline fracture of a single bone. Due to this, my typing speed has gone down from it's usual average of 45 words per minute to an anemic 20-25 WPM. After all, it is difficult to type when one has one's right hand in a cast. And, due to me possibly being the only person on this planet that could possibly turn down a prescription for Percoset, the pain level is still quite high whenever I type. Pain has been a constant companion in my life, so my threshold is still quite high. So it is basically a wash.

(Broken bones qualify as something for which I can visit the doctor. Only two other times have I done so: appendicitis and anaphylactic shock.) (Yes, I'm a stubborn bastage.)

Hopefully, blogging will return at the normal rate, or at least a closer approximation thereof, soon.

Just as soon as I can define my "normal rate" of blogging, that is. In the meantime, read this ur-blogging post by Ezra.

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