25 March, 2006

Target The Issues

Seems like I hit the "Publish" button on that last post a sconch too early. Either that or I didn't get all the way through my blogroll, for some strange reason. Regardless...

There's one other item I need to link to before falling asleep, this one coming via Joshua Claybourn of In The Agora. After all the folderol regarding Ben Domenech, Mike Krempasky has a post over on RedState about Ben's resignation from the Washington Post's blog division. Here's probably the most pointed comment, and most deserving to those left-hand-side bloggers who vilified the man over the last few days:
You see - before they settled on the attacks on his writing - they spent three days proving that they are the lowest of the low. Charges of racism were born of poor reading comprehension. Threats of violence. Obscene commentary about his mother, his sister, his father. Loathsome, vile, and disgusting - their contempt for civil behavior surpassed only by the emptiness of their own souls. [ . . . ] These are ignoramuses that think portraying an African-American politician as Sambo is appropriate, as long as the critics are liberal and the target is a Republican.

Attack on the issues at hand, folks. If they are worthy of attack, there is little need to find ammunition someplace else. Always remember that. Regardless of which side of the political aisle we happen to be on, it is a point to blog by.

Just as Ben was brought low by the almost-eternally efficient memory that this internet provides to us, those that go over the edge on their attacks can be brought just as low via the same medium. Just like Mike is reminding us about what happened with Michael Steele in Maryland last November, this wonder of technology has given us a double-edged sword, and one that can (and does with great regularity) bite us in the assets if we're not careful with it.

Regretfully, in today's red-meat-centric blogosphere, such restraint is rarely evident. Regardless of our political viewpoint, those who attack with the greatest venom are those that are held highest in esteem. And for that, we are all brought low.

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